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TLF Sexuality, Health and Rights Educators Collective Incorporated (TLF Share) is a pioneering authority on sustainable community responses and advocacy on sexual health and rights. 

TLF Share envisions a society where equality and freedom are valued, and individuals are healthy, safe and empowered regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or HIV status.


  1. To promote sexual health among community organizations of gays, bisexuals, other men who have sex with men, and trans women (GBMTs) through community-led, participatory, and human rights-based education and advocacy

  2. To address stigma and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) and health status through human rights advocacy

  3. To promote community development through community empowerment and strengthening



  • Most GBMTs in communities including persons living with HIV and those in last-mile populations enjoy their continuing access to relevant health programs and services, and the guarantees of Universal Health Care 


  • Enabled by national and local policy environments, most of the concerned public and private institutions, programs and services sustain their duties and actions in promoting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of GBMTs and persons living with HIV 


  • All sustained client organizations continue with their instituted programs, activities and projects in priority convergence areas and sites for SOGIE and HIV

  • TLF Share has fully attained recognition as provider and channel of technical, operations and funding resources to GBMT community organizations

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