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We rise above and spread love

When the world hates, we rise above and spread love.

As the pioneering authority on sustainable community-led responses and advocacy on sexual health and rights, TLF Share Collective strives for genuine representation that champions the populations who are left behind. TLF Share stands strong together with the LGBTQI+ community and its allies in this year's PRIDE protest.

Yes, in this Pride, we march in protest. It is a protest against discrimination, oppression and human rights violations. Amidst our colorful costumes, our cheers, smiles and laughter, we shout out a louder and stronger call – UPHOLD HUMAN DIGNITY, RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS, SOGIE EQUALITY NOW!

We cannot be in total celebration as the State continues its inhumane treatment to the members of the LGBTQI+. Together, we resist the continuing decline of respect to orientations, identities and expressions. One must be FREE to express and to love.

Hate has no space in a progressive society. At a time when our very beings are challenged and threatened, we raise our fists. We #ResistTogether.

(June 29, 2019, Marikina City)

(TLF Share statement in celebration of Metro Manila Pride 2019. Originally posted on TLF Share Facebook page, June 29, 2019.)

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