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Vote for real, meaningful change

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The elections on Monday is a crucial one.

Our freedom and our rights are at stake, especially that many of the present policies run counter to our values, beliefs, and aspirations.

We add our voice to the call to vote for honesty in public office. Without honesty and integrity, there can only be a culture of corruption, and corruption is the evil that make public funds insufficient for much-needed social services — especially healthcare and education — in our poor communities. There are many among the senatorial candidates whose track records are of public record — they have used their powerful positions to enrich themselves through the pork barrel system. You know who they are: shun them.

We join the call for Filipinos to vote for decency. As the elections draw near, we encourage voters to reject those who brazenly peddle lies and fakery — whether in their claims of service, the source of their campaign funds, or something as basic as their educational records. You know who they are: let us not be party to giving them a pass to more power.

We join the call to vote for equality and against discrimination. Our days are days of hate, misogyny, and utter disrespect. Our nation is polarized and very divided because of the kind of campaign we have seen since the elections in 2016. It is time that we reflect on the values that unite us rather than the labels that divide us.

We join the call to vote for human rights. Through the ballot, let us end this culture of death that has resulted to thousands of lives lost, and to communities living in fear.

We have been promised “change,” but we have yet to see a change that leads to a society that is free, fair, safe, and inclusive.

Each of us has that one vote on Monday. Let us use our vote to usher in real and meaningful change.

(Download: "Vote for real, meaningful change" - TLF Share" PDF)

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