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Today's Memorial, a renewal

A fight is never truly won until every person's rights are respected, upheld, fulfilled and honored.

This 2019 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, TLF Share joins the community, and persons and families affected by HIV in calling for rights-based approaches in HIV and AIDS programming and service delivery.

Let us continue to empower our rights holders, and let us deliver a strong message that education, counseling, and evidence-based preventive and treatment services are part of an individual's right to health. In HIV and AIDS response, everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, without prejudice to status and identity.

The provisions of Republic Act 11166 must be fully implemented without delay. We call on the government to ensure that evidence and rights based HIV programs are intensified and sustainable. We call on officials and colleagues in government to ensure the meaningful participation of key populations and civil society in HIV and AIDS policy and program development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

We call on our colleagues from civil society, including NGOs and CBOs to continue reaching out to more individuals and communities, especially our young key populations, to promote and support positive health seeking behavior.

We call on every one to behold every individual without prejudice, to treat others fairly and equally. This should be our way to give honor to those who have gone before us, to those whose lives ended with much pain and anguish due to stigma, discrimination, and poor access to health.

Today's Memorial is a renewal of our commitment in perseverance, to the fight against HIV, to the defense of our rights, and to working together for a genuinely inclusive, just and humane society.

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(TLF Share statement in observance of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2019. Originally posted on TLF Share Facebook page, May 19, 2019.)

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