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  • To receive monthly updates, go to the Subscribe Form on the Homepage relaunched this month with a new channel dedicated to support the organization's current information campaign, HR&HIV. underwent website development anew with funding support from the Matching Fund for Human Rights of the country's Global Fund Project, “Accelerating Community Engagement and Response to HIV and AIDS Prevention,” or ACER. As ACER sub-recipient, TLF Share implements activities that promote human rights and access to justice among key populations affected by the HIV epidemic.

One major project initiative is the HR&HIV campaign caravan, which launched in 2018, bannered by the call to action “Dapat Lahat, Mulat Dapat.” Its launch coincided with the Equality Summit, a national gathering of community leaders and workers to strengthen advocacy towards legislation on anti-discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE). Social media posts hashtagged #dapatlahat #mulatdapat complemented the caravan on the Internet.’s HR&HIV channel adapted the messages and materials used in the caravan. The website in the coming months shall incrementally increase its knowledge resources to support TLF Share’s and other organizations’ works on SOGIE, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS.

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