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#TLF30LUVan on Human Rights Day

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


This year marks our 30th year of dedicated work to prevent HIV infection among gay, bisexual males, transwomen, and males who have sex with males, and for the recognition and protection of the rights of all queer Filipinos.

In the last two decades TLF Share worked consistently with its coalition partners against discrimination in our schools, our workplaces, in public institutions and spaces, in the streets, and in our homes. We amplified not just the ills of discrimination but also the positive impact of equality. Unfortunately, 21 years and counting, the Philippine Congress is yet to pass the SOGIESC Equality Bill.

Thirty years is a long time, and resignation is a tempting option, but many queer people have struggled and fought much longer and way much harder. Thirty years later, the LGBTQIA+ community we grew up with is still standing strong and always ready for battle. To hang up our gloves is not an option, the fight for SOGIESC equality is far from over.

We will continue to educate and strengthen our communities. We will be incessant in demanding for concrete actions from duty-bearers, and policymakers. We will be relentless coalition-builders. We will cross political lines to work with allies. We will remain audacious, principled, and determined.

On this occasion of Human Rights Day, and in celebration of our 30th year, we commit to continue marching with our siblings in the LGBTQIA+ community, and with our allies from other sectors to fight not only for SOGIESC equality, but also for the right of every Filipinos to live with dignity.

Tuloy ang laban!


Download PDF copy:

20211210_ Statement _ International HR Day
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