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TLF Share statement on 38th IACM

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We Remember. On May 16, the global community will observe the 38th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial to commemorate those who have fought and passed away from HIV-related complications and AIDS. Since January 1984, when the country first started recording HIV cases, 4,719 people living with HIV have died. Of these, 83 died in February 2021 alone. As TLF Sexuality, Health and Rights Educators Collective Incorporated (TLF Share) joins the yearly commemoration, the organization salutes and remembers those who have passed on from HIV-related illnesses and AIDS and continues the valiant efforts started by international and local advocates to stop HIV transmission while researchers are still looking for a cure.

We Take Action. Since the virus was first isolated and identified, there have been significant advances in preventing the spread of HIV and in treating those who are already affected. Moving beyond the biomedical, HIV is now also being addressed through the prism of human rights. TLF Share strongly believes that HIV is a human rights issue and as such, the organization continues to empower and educate key population and PLHIV communities. To break down the barriers of shame, stigma, and discrimination, TLF Share also works with duty bearers to make services more accessible and responsive to the needs of the communities. TLF Share, through its Community Access to Redress and Empowerment (CARE) also provides mediation and legal services to individuals whose rights have been violated as a result of the stigma surrounding HIV.

We Live Beyond HIV. As we remember the fallen, let us also not forget the living proofs that HIV does not compromise a person’s dignity and worth. The country’s response has been strengthened by the meaningful and continuous engagement of the PLHIV community. As they continue to live beyond HIV, TLF Share remains committed in protecting and upholding the rights of the PLHIV community.

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