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TLF Share's Renier Bona appointed to Asia-Pacific advisory group

Last July 16, the APCOM Foundation, a network of individuals and community based organizations in Asia and the Pacific, announced TLF Share's Renier Louie Bona as one of five new appointments into the network's Regional Advisory Group (RAG).

Renier is from the Philippines while the other four new appointments are from China, Fiji, Singapore and Thailand. APCOM is based in Bangkok, Thailand and the RAG serves as its main governance body, and steering and sounding board. Renier's appointment is pro bono and will run until 2024.

Renier entered TLF Share's membership roll in 2011. Since 2019, he serves as the organization's as vice-president and member-trustee. He has worked on some TLF Share's initiatives that involved intersectionality of HIV and AIDS risks among young and other key populations.

In 2020, APCOM also shortlisted TLF Share Collective, Inc. for the HERO Awards under the community-based organization category.

Read about APCOM's announcement of its new RAG appointments here:

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