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Stand up and step up for human rights

Today, TLF Share celebrates Human Rights Day in solidarity with all human rights advocates and defenders in the country and around the world.

TLF Share strongly believes that the core of good governance is and should be anchored on human rights principles. In recent years, TLF Share's programs, projects and activities have engaged private and public stakeholders to provide human rights based services. It is through these means that we were able to facilitate and ensure meaningful participation, inclusion and partnership for our client communities.

In our recently concluded Philippine Pride Summit 2019 and World AIDS Day events, the call for human rights based agenda and courses of action have become clearer and stronger. Partnership between local government and civil society, and community mobilization and engagement were identified as key strategies, and transparency, accountability, and inclusive service as guiding principles.

The fight for human rights is a continuing struggle. TLF Share believes that to sustain the fight, the youth must be involved. The organization firmly supports the continued empowerment of the youth. We shall work towards harnessing young people’s capacity to trigger change and be the answer to the challenges they face. It is in young people's idealism, creativity, passion and fervor that the future of human rights work and advocacy lie. The youth shall STAND UP AND STEP UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!

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