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Nominations for Equality Champ now open

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

(A message from the President of TLF Share Collective)


The Equality Champ Awards is a nationwide search for individuals and organizations championing the rights and welfare of LGBTQI Filipinos. Our 2018 awardees include Sen. Risa Hontiveros, Gov. Kaka Bag-ao, former Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales, Ms. Heart Evangelista, Ms. Tootsie Angara, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, and Karen Davila.

Starting this year, TLF Share and its partners will be holding Equality Champ Awards biennially, with the 2021 online awarding ceremony on December 11, 2021. We are opening the call for nominations of individuals, organizations, and institutions that demonstrate their commitment in advancing the rights and welfare of LGBTQI Filipinos and work in any of the following areas:

Governance and Public Service - Government officials and institutions from the local to the national level working to promote SOGIESC equality through policies and practices. They may be working in the executive, the legislature, the judiciary or the constitutional commissions.

Arts, Culture and Entertainment - Artists, entertainers, and cultural organizations producing any form of art from film to literature that is popularly recognized and that positively and accurately portrays the lives and experiences of LGBTQI Filipinos.

Media - Media practitioners whose journalistic work on LGBTQI Filipinos has helped improve the public awareness and understanding of LGBTQI and other SOGIESC-related issues.

Education - Educators, scholars, researchers, and academic or research institutions that have produced influential research, scholarship and educational materials, or pioneered academic courses or institutions focusing on sex, gender, and sexuality.

Special Awards - These will be given to community organizations, youth leaders and other individuals and institutions from the private or public sector with outstanding LGBTQI advocacy and services whose works cannot be categorized into any of the above-mentioned areas.

Anyone can nominate any individual or organization who fits the criteria of an Equality Champ by filling out the nomination form, which will be open until October 17, 2021. However, members and staff of TLF SHARE Collective, Inc., and their immediate family members or relatives are not eligible for nomination.

We are calling on LGBTQI and allied organizations to help us in this search by nominating your champions and sharing this call for nominations with your members and networks. We will also be publishing a public call on social media soon.

For human rights and equality,



TLF Share Collective, Inc.

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