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More than 200 percent increase in a decade

"The Philippines has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the Asia and Pacific Region," according to the briefer on the 2020 Philippine HIV estimates released by the Department of Health.

The briefer was disseminated to the members of the Philippine National AIDS Council including its human rights committee of which TLF Share is a member. The briefer, which was published by the DOH Epidemiology Bureau, explains that between 2010 and 2020, annual HIV infections increased by 237 percent, while AIDS-related deaths increased by 315 percent. Estimated people living with HIV in 2020 is 115,100.

The briefer concludes with a projection of the country's HIV epidemic in 2030. If current efforts in addressing the HIV spread are not increased, from an estimate of 16,500 in 2020, the annual new infections could reach 23,000 by 2022, and 53,100 by 2030. Estimated PLHIV in 2030 could reach over 300,000.

TLF Share's website shall open a page under its resources section for HIV epidemiology reports such as this. These publications will be useful in the organization's continuing work with communities and stakeholders in HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Download the briefer here:

A Briefer on the PH Estimates 2020_08232021
Download PDF • 11.46MB

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