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From TheBodyPro: HIV infection in six months after PrEP discontinued

Half of Newly Diagnosed MSM Who Discontinued PrEP Contracted HIV Within Six Months of Stopping, a Study Reports

[Excerpt] MSM discontinuing PrEP because of the mistaken belief that they are not at risk is not entirely surprising, says Cannon. "When I ask people [why they stopped], it’s often, ‘I was in a relationship. We thought we were monogamous. I didn’t need PrEP because the two of us didn’t have HIV, and we didn’t have any outside partners.’ But sometimes the person is not aware that their partner has outside partners, or they break up with that person and start having outside partners, and forget to resume PrEP."

Anecdotally, methamphetamine use is also a contributing factor to stopping PrEP or forgetting to take it, Cannon says. "If people are using frequently, their lives may be sort of chaotic in a sense that they are not able to handle... remembering to take a pill every day."

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