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From DOH: Healthy Pilipinas, September 2022

The rainy season is upon us again this September! To ensure that we do not suffer flooding and other typhoon-relatedc problems, always be mindful of the way you treat the environment. Nurture our nature: reduce, reuse, recycle.


Do them within this month, whenever you feel like it. You do you!

  1. START IT: Start monitoring your carbon footprints with the intention to reduce it. There are free mobile apps available out there that would help you do so!

  2. DO IT: Only buy things that are necessary! Most of the time, we already own the things we need like the eco-bags we buy at the checkout counter. Maximize their lifespan and only buy replacements when they give out!

  3. TRY IT: Try out a locally produced shampoo bar to reduce the use of plastic shampoo containers and you get to help out a local business too!

  4. SWITCH IT UP: Turn off your TV for the night and enjoy a moment of silence instead. Reflect about your life and dreams all while saving electricity and protecting the environment!

  5. TRACK IT: For the whole month, collect all the single-use plastic that you purchase or use. Take note of where you got them. Think of ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastic you acquire.

  6. KNOW IT: Did you know the you can lessen the pollution by choosing active transport? Bike more and drive less. Learn more about active transport through our Healthy Pilipinas Facebook page!

  7. SHARE IT: Discuss the best eco-friendly ideas and tips for green living on blogs, forums, and social media to show your support to our environment for a #HealthyPilipinas.


  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

  • World Leukemia Awareness Month

  • Generics Awareness Month

  • Blood Diseases Month

  • National Epilepsy Awareness Week, First Week

  • Obesity Prevention Awareness Week, First Week

  • Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Week, Third Week

  • National Thyroid Cancer Awareness Week, Fourth Week

  • World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10

  • World Patient Safety Day, September 17

  • Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week, September 16-22

  • World Environmental Health Day, September 26

  • World Rabies Day, September 28

(Adapted from "Have a Healthy 2022," Department of Health Calendar)

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