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From DOH: Healthy Pilipinas, July 2022

July is Nutrition Month! While we strive to practice healthy behaviors all throughout the year, this month let's focus on the food we eat. Healthy food, healthy body, healthy life!

Healthy Habit Challenges

Do them within this month, whenever you feel like it. You do you!

  1. START IT: Start creating a weekly meal plan! You may refer to DOH's Wais sa Kusina Meal Planning video on Youtube for guidance.

  2. DO IT: Don't feel bad for your indulgences! Exercise is not a punishment for the food you eat! Be mindful of your diet and have a consistent exercise routine!

  3. TRY IT: Trying to lose weight? Instead of skipping a meal, try to add more movement into your day! Move more and eat right!

  4. SWITCH IT UP: Replace those sweets and high-fat meat in your diet with eggs and cereals.

  5. TRACK IT: Keep count of the number of servings of rice/meat/fish/vegetables you are eating every meal. Aim to eat the right amount of each, using the "Pinggang Pinoy" as a guide.

  6. KNOW IT: Get the basics of nutrition and how they can affect you by watching our Wais sa Kusina videos in Healthy Pilipinas. After all, you are what you eat!

  7. SHARE IT: Post snapshots of your healthy dishes online to show your progress on maintaining a balanced diet! Motivate others to eat healthy for a #HealthyPilipinas!


  • National Deworming Month

  • National Blood Donors Month

  • Nutrition Month

  • National Disaster Resilience Month

  • Filariasis Mass Drug Administration Month

  • National Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Day, July 17

  • World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, July 30

  • National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, 3rd Week

  • National Allergy Day, July 8

  • World Population Day, July 11

  • Diabetes Awareness Week, 4th Week

(Adapted from "Have a Healthy 2022," Department of Health Calendar)

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