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From DOH: Healthy Pilipinas, August 2022

August is the month we celebrate our national heroes and commemorate their legacies. Just like them, you can be a modern-day hero, too, by helping ensure that your family and community are living in healthy environments!


Do them within this month, whenever you feel like it. You do you!

  1. START IT: Do a random act of kindness t a stranger today! Doing simple things where you put others before yourself makes you a hero.

  2. DO IT: Invite your family and friends to workout together! Be a hero for their health and help each other stay fit!

  3. TRY IT: Go for a low carbon footprint date with a loved one or yourself! Go for a bike ride, eat a home-cooked meal, and minimize the use of single-use items!

  4. SWITCH IT UP: Ditch your memes for now and share an inspirational message on social media today!

  5. TRACK IT: Monitor how many hours you and your family spend on your phones and other electronic devices. Use dedicated apps (available for free) to help you do so and avoid using your devices for too long.

  6. KNOW IT: Know more about the heroes of our country! Have each family member do research on a different hero and talk about what you found over dinner.

  7. SHARE IT: Share your stories of good deeds with #HealthyPilipinas on Facebook to remind others how kindness goes a long way!


  • Family Planning Month

  • ASEAN Month

  • Sight Saving Month

  • National Lung Month

  • National Adolescent Immunization Month

  • National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

  • Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Week, First Week

  • Family Planning Day, August 1

  • White Cane Day, August 1

  • World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 to 7

  • National Hospital Week, August 6 to 12

  • Philippine National Research System Week, Second Week

  • Asthma Week, Second Week

  • Linggo ng Kabataan, the Week of August 12

  • International Youth Day, August 12

  • National TB Day, August 19

(Adapted from "Have a Healthy 2022," Department of Health Calendar)

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