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From APCOM: Revised community-based monitoring guide to empower key population communities

APCOM revised community-based monitoring guide to empower key population communities (from this page)

APCOM is pleased to release our revised Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) guide for strengthening the community’s capacity to effectively advocate for improved HIV services and access for the key population. The guide was supported by the Global Fund multi-country grant, SKPA (Sustainability of HIV Services for Key Populations in Asia) and involved insights gained from country partner organizations and stakeholders in Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, PNG, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

Download PDF.

Tenzin Gyeltshen, Executive Director, Pride Bhutan: “Approaching and involving us for this CBM guide development has hit our interest to share our ground level experiences of CBM in Bhutan. CBM is a new concept for all of us in Bhutan, however, community guided APCOMs CBM tool will assist us in improving health services accessed by key population communities in Bhutan.”

Nyampurev Galsanjamts, Community-Based monitoring and Demand Generation Officer, Youth for Health: “Mongolia, in our country, regular feeding of information to community health service centers for quality improvement will be practicable through key population communities if effective and simplified CBM tools are available. Key population community insights captured CBM guide of APCOM will boost our CBM efforts in Mongolia to continue assessing health services for evidence-based advocacy with the health care workers."

(Credit: Shared on MSM Sexual Health - Asia)

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