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From APCOM: 15 years of service to the community

APCOM Celebrating 15 years of Service to the Community

APCOM unveils new logo to mark 15 years of working in the Asia Pacific region on HIV, health, rights and wellbeing of people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and sex characteristics. APCOM activities will be marked by this new vibrant and celebratory branding, working for and with LGBTQI communities for equity, dignity and social justice.


As the new Chair of APCOM, it is such an exciting milestone to celebrate our contribution to the global HIV/AIDS response and advancing LGBTQI human rights as we’re developing our new strategy. We have to double our efforts to call on equity, dignity, and social justice for marginalised communities. We note in particular the worrying trend in the decline in investments going into communities who are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the HIV epidemic, closing civil society spaces and human rights issues.

Bryan Choong

APCOM Regional Advisory Group Chair

(Credit: Shared on MSM Sexual Health - Asia)

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