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DOH releases 2021 report of PH RH law

June 30, MANILA - Department of Health circulated the 2021 Annual Report of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, otherwise known as Republic Act No. 10354. Issued as Department Circular No. 2022-0345 dated June 30, 2022, the report was prepared by the RPRH Law's National Implementation Team, and was submitted to the President and Congress on July 29.

The Report covers five key result areas as mandated by the law: maternal, neonatal, child health and nutrition; family planning; adolescent sexuality and reproductive health; sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS; and elimination of violence against women and children. In the Executive Summary, the following is reported under KRA 4, or on STI, HIV and AIDS:

Status and Trends. Between January and December 2021, the HIV/AIDS and Art Registry of the Philippines (HARP) confirmed 12,341 additional HIV-positive individuals. This brings the total reported cases since January of 1984 (when the first HIV infection in the Philippines was reported) to 94, 337. There was a 54 percent increase in the annual diagnosed cases reported in 2021 (12,341) compared to the reported cases in 2020 (8,036). This means that in terms of the average number of people newly diagnosed with HIV per day, the figure jumped from 22 to 34 newly diagnosed individuals per day in 2021. Treatment among newly diagnosed PLHIVs has improved from 65 percent during prepandemic (2019) to 72 percent in 2021.
Highlights of Initiatives. To ensure the continuous availability and provision of services to people living with HIV, facilities such as social hygiene clinics, treatment hubs and rural health units remained open, while other clinics adjusted their clinic hours to accommodate patients. DOH made available pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP), which is medicine taken to prevent getting HIV, in selected high burden regions. Expansion of rHIVda sites also continued in 2021 with 29 licensed laboratories situated across the country providing rHIVda services. PhilHealth revised the Outpatient HIV and AIDS Treatment (OHAT) Package to include DOH-licensed laboratories capable of providing rHIVda services. Online multi-sectoral campaigns engaging key populations, vulnerable groups, as well as the public on where to go for their sexual health needs and concerns continue to be pursued by various stakeholders.
Priorities for 2022. The dissemination and implementation of the HIV Adaptive Plan is a priority for 2022. DOH and partners will continue to work with local government units and various health facilities to strengthen the broad range of services available to key population groups using locally available resources and funds. Another priority is support for rHIVda expansion through capacity building of health service providers, provision of equipment, test kits and other commodities, among others. Online national campaigns and availability of online reporting platforms will continue to assist victims-survivors of violence.

Read and download DC No. 2022-0345:

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Read and download RPRH Act's 2021 Annual Report:

2021 RPRH Annual Report
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(The Report is also available for download on DOH's website.)

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