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DOH clarifies on Covid vax for PLHIV

The Department of Health issued a memorandum dated April 13, 2021 that clarified on the issuance of medical clearance for persons living with HIV in relation to Covid-19 vaccination. Department Memorandum No. 2021-0203 is connected to a prior issuance the DOH made that included PLHIV as Adults with Controlled Comorbidities, or Priority Group A3 for the vaccination.

The following is a summary of the clarifications made in the memo:

  • Local governments shall ensure vaccination in a separate site to keep privacy and confidentiality

  • Vaccination may be provided at HIV treatment hubs that are capable based on the National Deployment and Vaccination Plan

  • All workers in vaccination sites shall observe confidentiality at all times

  • Medical clearance for PLHIV may be issued by infectious disease specialist or attending physician in a DOH designated HIV treatment hub, physically or electronically

  • No additional lab test shall be required prior issuance of medical clearance

  • Required proofs of comorbidity for Priority Group A3 may include any that indicate HIV diagnosis (e.g. ARV Regimen Booklet, test results regardless of date done such as HIV screening, HIV confirmatory, CD4 and/or viral load)

DM No. 2021-0203 was addressed to DOH executives, central and regional office directors, chiefs of DOH hospitals for dissemination and compliance.

Download the issuance: DM No. 2021-0203

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