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As of June 2021, 33 new HIV infections daily

Currently, 33 new HIV infections happen daily in the Philippines; ten years ago, in 2011, it was six daily. The Department of Health released these figures in their June 2021 update of the HIV/AIDS and ART Registry of the Philippines (HAARP).

In June, 1,496 were reported new HIV cases bringing the total to 6,043 for the year. More males were infected, 1,426 in June, and 5,754 since January. This year, over 1,000 were diagnosed while in advanced stages of HIV infection.

Male to male sexual contact remains the main mode of transmission in June 2021, 909; since January, 3,659. Males with sexual contact to both females and males, 366 in June, 1,523 from January to June.

The latest HAARP report was circulated by the secretariat of the Philippine National AIDS Council to its members (which included TLF Share) starting this month. The dissemination included an advisory from the DOH Epidemiology Bureau regarding the "deduplication analyses of the April 2021 HAARP detabase."

TLF Share's website shall open a page under its resources section for the periodic updates on the HIV and AIDS in the country. These reports will be useful in the organization's continuing work with communities and stakeholders in HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Download the June 2021 HAARP here:

Download PDF • 742KB

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