Community Guidelines

TLF Share Online Community Engagement Guidelines

Status of this Document: As at date (see item number 8), the TLF Share  Online Community Engagement Guidelines are provisionally in effect, shall still be subjected to further legal review and advice, and final deliberations by the governance of the organization.

1. TLF Share, when it opens and operates an online channel to communicate with its intended audiences, are users of the same services made available to other people and organizations. The organization's members, trustees, officers, staff and volunteers, in both their official and personal capacities, are expected to respect and protect the rights of others. The final word on whether any post warrants disciplinary action or account removal belongs to the owner of the service that TLF Share is using. TLF Share shall ensure its online community administrators will adhere to, and encourage others' recognition of the service owner's policies, terms and conditions to foster a healthier community activity.

2. TLF Share's online community engagement is intended to enhance the organization's vision, mission and goals, and the performance of its programs, projects and activities. Visitors and participants of its online community shall expect the promotion of, and invitation to engage in discussions related to TLF Share's mission and program focus areas. The organization shall provide appropriate information to guide visitors and participants shall there arise specific types of discussions that need to be addressed by other means.

3. Shall the need arise, TLF Share, within reasonable means, ensures that visitors and participants shall be able to easily contact a duly designated representative of the organization. The official address and channels of correspondence shall be continually updated in TLF Share's website and in other communication materials.

4. As far as practicable, visitors and participants are encouraged to share the responsibility of promoting and ensuring the health, well-being, safety and security of the online community. The administration of the online community will appreciate those who will voluntarily bring problematic posts and/or behavior to their attention. 

5. With guarantee to consistently exercise maximum restraint and due diligence, and to observe just and fair treatment of all concerned (including the execution of corrective actions), and where the service owner provides the appropriate facilities, the administrators may lock discussions, remove content and/or block further participation in the following (but not limited to these) instances:

     a. Using profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language;
     b. “Trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track;
     c. Attacking specific groups, or any commenting that is meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual;
     d. Discussing or commenting with hateful or discriminatory regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, disability, health status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or political beliefs;
     e. Linking to, or commenting with links to sexually explicit content or materials that are generally disallowed by the service owner, or that are not in line with the expression and practice of healthy, responsible, consensual sexuality;
     f. Linking to, or commenting with links to promote or encourage illegal, inhumane, and/or unjust practices and activities, and that may be generally disallowed by the service owner;
     g. Spamming, link baiting or transmitting files that contain viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices;
     h. Intending and acknowledging an intent to stalk an individual, or collect private information without disclosure;
     i. Publishing content that violates copyright or intellectual property rights;
     j. Publishing content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purpose of TLF Share's online community engagement, and/or its policies.

For the visitor's or participant's assurance, administrators shall duly acknowledge and act favorably on requests for permission to post after review and clearance from any of the conditions stated above.

6. Administrators shall continually remind, update and promote these guidelines to visitors and participants. Should the need arise, TLF Share may also develop supplementary guidelines to resolve and/or mitigate the impact of problematic posts and behavior.

7. On instances of negative commentary or criticism to the organization, its programs, projects and activities, TLF Share positions itself to look for opportunities for continuing improvement, and provided that communications are consistent with the above guidelines and conditions, the organization is committed to address concerns to the best of its abilities, and to the satisfaction of interested parties.

8. These Online Community Engagement Guidelines were last revised and published on 20 April 2019 in Quezon City, the Philippines.

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